Western support for Ukraine is ‘the same’ as Nazi genocide of Jews, claims Russian FM

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov compares Western powers to Nazi Germany, accuses US-led coalition of pursuing genocidal “final solution” to the “Russian question.”

By World Israel News Staff

Russia’s foreign minister on Wednesday compared the United States and its allies to Nazi Germany, accusing Western powers aiding Ukraine against Russia of pursuing a “final solution” for the Russian people.

Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, who has alluded to Nazism and the Holocaust in previous attacks on Western opposition to his country’s 11-month-old invasion of Ukraine, made his most explicit connection yet to the Third Reich, claiming the West is engaged in a proxy war against Moscow which aims at no less than the genocide of the Russian people.

“Just as Napoleon mobilized practically all of Europe against the Russian Empire, just as Hitler mobilized and captured… the majority of European countries and sent them against the Soviet Union, now the United States has organized a coalition,” Lavrov said.

This U.S.-led coalition, Lavrov continued, is “by proxy through Ukraine waging war against our country.”

“The task is the same: the final solution of the ‘Russian question.’ Just as Hitler wanted to finally solve the Jewish question.”

Lavrov has drawn sharp criticism in the past for his use of Holocaust references.

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Last May, Israel blasted the Russian Foreign Minister after he claimed Adolf Hitler had “Jewish blood.”

“The fact that Zelensky is Jewish does not negate the Nazi elements in Ukraine. I believe that Hitler also had Jewish blood,” he said. “Some of the worst antisemites are Jews.”

President Vladimir Putin made a rare apology following Lavrov’s comments in May.

Since Russia invaded Ukraine last February, top government officials, including both Putin and Lavrov, have justified the conflict by claiming the Ukrainian government is a Nazi regime.

In his announcement of the February 24th invasion, Putin declared the attack’s goals were the ““demilitarization and de-Nazification” of Ukraine.”

“This gang of drug addicts and neo-Nazis that has settled in Kyiv and taken hostage the entire Ukrainian people,” he said.

In May 2022, Lavrov sparked a diplomatic row with Israel when he accused the Jewish state of supporting “the neo-Nazi regime in Kyiv.”