Why did Instagram ban pro-Israel meme?

Meta later clarified that the pro-Israel “image does not violate our policies.”

By World Israel News Staff

Instagram and its parent company Meta are under scrutiny after the social media platform banned and blocked an account promoting a pro-Israel image, while allowing a similar pro-Palestinian meme to circulate freely on the platform.

The controversy began when anti-Israel activists created an AI-generated image, which included the words “All eyes on Rafah” spelled out by tents of presumably displaced Palestinians.

The image was shared a staggering 40 million times across the platform.

Benjamin Jamon, an Israeli, created his own AI-generated image which depicted an armed Hamas terrorists standing over a red-headed baby, in a likely reference to Kfir Bibas.

That image included text which reads “Where were your eyes on October 7th?”

Jamon told Channel 12 News that his meme was shared around 500,000 times when his Instagram account was suddenly shut down by the company with no explanation.

The viral image also disappeared from the platform.

After the removal triggered claims of selective enforcement, Meta said it was “working to understand a technical issue that led to some instances of the image being mistakenly removed.”

The tech titan clarified that the pro-Israel “image does not violate our policies” and the meme was later visible on the platform.

In November 2023, Instagram shuttered the accounts of End Jew Hatred, a grassroots movement fighting antisemitism, and the Dutch branch of Israel education NGO StandWithUs.

“This is not a repeated violation of terms, we did not post anything fraudulent, or against community standard,” said Brooke Goldstein, the founder of End Jew Hatred, at the time.

“This is pure censorship and it’s emboldening those who seek to murder Jewish people all over the world.”