World Health Organization complicit in Hamas crimes, says Israeli Health Minister

WHO’s director-general “chose the side of the murderous terrorist organization Hamas.” 

By Vered Weiss, World Israel News

Israeli Health Minister Uriel Busso strongly criticized the director-general of the World Health Organization for alleging on social media that the IDF was intentionally killing civilians in Rafah.

In an X post on Saturday, Tedros Adhanom Ghebryesus claimed that Israel launched strikes killing 11 civilians including health workers and children, and wounding 50 in Rafah.

He condemned the alleged attack as “outrageous and unspeakable,” although there was no proof that this strike occurred and he didn’t cite his source for the report.

Tedros concluded his post by demanding that Israel be compelled into a ceasefire.

Israel’s Health Minister responded in the strongest terms to Tedros’s post, saying that the WHO director-general was “deliberately ignoring the reality on the ground and choosing the side of the murderous terrorist organization Hamas.”

Busso then praised the IDF, calling it “the most moral army in the world.”

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He added, “On the other hand, Hamas murders and kidnaps innocent civilians and uses the residents of Gaza as human shields.”

The Health Minister said the reason for Tedros’s bias was that WHO “is being used by Hamas” to achieve its goals.

He discussed the fact that Hamas continues to hold 134 Israelis in Gaza, including the young, elderly, and women who are undergoing torment and abuse of all kinds.

Busso declared that Tedros and WHO are complicit in Hamas’s crimes.

He concluded his post by saying, “Mr. Tedros, instead of condemning Hamas, you give support to a terrorist organization that rapes, murders, and kidnaps civilians.”

The IDF has faced criticism even from allies such as the United States for its operation in Rafah, which Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu says is necessary for “total victory” in its war against Hamas.

Recently, the IDF has conducted strikes in the Philadelphi corridor on the border between Gaza and Egypt.

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The IDF said it targeted Hamas headquarters in tunnels and has also eliminated Islamic Jihad terrorists.