Zelensky asks Bennett to help get Ukrainian captives released, suggests talks in Jerusalem

The threat of chemical weapons is also an issue. 

By World Israel News Staff

Prime Minister Naftali Bennett and Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky continued their mediation talks on Saturday evening.

“The conversation, which lasted for over an hour, dealt with ways to stop the fighting in Ukraine and the efforts that Israel is making on the matter,” Bennett’s Foreign Media Adviser said in a statement, without elaboration.

The Ukrainian leader, however,  appealed for assistance in the release of the mayor of Melitopol and other captives, as indicated in his announcement on Twitter.

According to Channel 12, Zelensky proposed a meeting with Vladimir Putin in Jerusalem, and Israel is waiting to see how the Russian president will respond.

The threat of chemical weapons is hovering, the report said.

Hours after the Ukrainian president’s statement, Jerusalem officials say Putin is considering the proposal, according to Channel 12. However, they say, “it is too early to assess what the chances of the initiative are.”

Ukraine has denied reports suggesting that Bennett advised Kyiv to submit to Russia’s demands.