‘Zionist lies’ are being exposed, claims social media CEO

Andrew Torba reposts claim that modern-day Jews have no connection to Biblical Israelites, will be “conquered” by Christianity.

By World Israel News Staff

The CEO of alternative social media platform Gab launched a blistering attack against Zionism and Jews on Tuesday, saying that true Christians are becoming aware of alleged falsehoods he said are promoted by supporters of Israel.

“Young Christians are not falling for the Zionist lies anymore,” Andrew Torba wrote on X, the social media platform formerly known as Twitter.

“They get two hours a week tops of a Zionist pastor preaching and the rest of the week they are following our social media posts and reading our books.

“Our victory is inevitable because the Zionist pastors won’t even stand up to the wickedness of the neoliberal regime because they have no backbone, so we will inevitably take over positions of authority in the Church as well,” he added.

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Torba then reposted several tweets claiming that” the group calling themselves ‘Jews’ has less connection to the people of God in the Old Testament than anyone baptized into the True Israel, Jesus Christ. After 70 AD, they are now just another ethnic group like any other that the gospel must conquer. And one day it will.”

The posts also asserted that Jews have a long history of jealousy towards Christians, specifically accusing several prominent Jewish-American right-wing figures of being spiritually empty.

“The Spirit at work among the Gentiles while the [Holy] Temple still stood provoked them to jealousy,” read the post retweeted by Torba.

“God had left them desolate…Ben Shapiro or Dennis Prager don’t see faithful Christian communities and become filled with jealousy that their god is at work among Gentiles and not them.”

Torba has some 376,000 followers on the X platform.

In July 2022, Torba claimed that non-Christians, including Jews, are “not conservative” because American conservatism is “an explicitly Christian movement” and that the U.S. “is an explicitly Christian country.”