30 Arabs arrested for arson attacks

Israel intends to treat Arab arsonists as it treats other terrorists. So far, some 30 Arab suspects have been arrested in connection with the blazes that have ravaged the country. 

Israel’s security forces have arrested at least 30 Arabs in connection with the spate of fires and arson attacks the country has been contending with over the past week.

Most of the Arabs arrested are from the Palestinian Authority (PA), while some have Israeli citizenship. Several of the arrestees are being held in connection with incitement to arson, mostly on social media.

On Friday, the IDF arrested three Palestinian suspects near the village of Dir Kadis. They were caught driving with two full gas containers, another empty container, a sack full of cloth, gloves and lighters.

Earlier in the day, a forest ranger identified an Arab setting fire to a forest northwest of the Palestinian village of Batir. The terrorist, 44 and a resident of Hussan, were arrested shortly after.

The Israeli Air Force identified two suspects who were spotted by a surveillance plane above the village of Beit Meir in the Jerusalem Hills. They were arrested as well.

Public Security Minister Gilad Erdan stated that the arsonists must be treated as terrorists and called for the demolition of their homes, as is the case of Palestinian terrorists who carry out stabbing or shooting attacks.

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Erdan said that arson attacks are a new form of terrorism, and should be dealt with accordingly. He said the same incitement and hatred that in the past caused Arabs to attack Israelis, is now driving Arabs to try and burn people and destroy communities.

Israel demolishes homes of terrorists as a form of deterrence for those contemplating further attacks.

Transport Minister Yisrael Katz intends to introduce a bill that will define arsonists as terrorists so that they can be punished as such.

By: Aryeh Savir, World Israel News