‘Allah supports Palestine’ – Arab IDF soldiers arrested after viral video praising terrorists

“Residents of Jenin, Allah is on your side,” one soldier says, while others giggle in the background, in clip released shortly after seven troops were seriously wounded in a raid.

By World Israel News Staff

Several Arab-Israeli soldiers were arrested by military police on Tuesday after they filmed a clip slamming the IDF and making derogatory remarks about the State of Israel – while wearing their army uniforms.

“Allah supports Jenin, Allah is with Palestine, F– Israel,” the soldiers can be heard saying in the video, which was filmed several hours after an Israeli raid on the city left six terrorists dead.

Seven Israeli soldiers were seriously wounded in the operation by a roadside bomb.

“Residents of Jenin, Allah is on your side,” one soldier in the clip is heard remarking, in an expression of support for those who live in the Palestinian Authority-controlled city that is widely considered to be a terror hotbed. “Israel can go to hell.”

Others in the clip can be seen giggling and heard laughing in the background.

In a statement released shortly after the clip was published by media outlets, an Israeli army spokesperson said that the “conduct of the soldiers is contrary to the values ​​of the IDF, and they will be dealt with [in a] disciplinary setting,”

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The IDF statement added that the soldiers in the video were arrested by military police but released after several hours, pending an investigation.

An attorney for one of the soldiers told Army Radio that the clip had been edited in a misleading way and that the troops had praised Israel as well.

“In most of the video, the [defendants] came to the defense of the IDF soldiers. It is appropriate that the recourse [for this incident] be only disciplinary and not criminal,” the attorney said.

According to Hebrew-language media reports, the soldiers depicted in the clip are stationed at a logistics base in the southern Negev desert.

Judging by the location in which the video was filmed and their accents in Arabic, it appears that the troops in question are Bedouin-Israeli volunteers who are not subject to mandatory conscription to the army.

In recent years, a number of Bedouin-Israeli troops were found to have aided in massive weapons and ammunition thefts from army bases, particularly in the south.

Notably, Druze citizens of Israel, the only Arabic-speaking group in Israel who are regularly drafted to the IDF, are among the upper echelon of elite IDF soldiers and senior commanders.