‘An Arab guard attacked me,’ says disabled teenage musician in police complaint

Ovadia Yosef is the drummer for the Shalva band, which gained international fame during Eurovision 2019.

By World Israel News Staff

A complaint was filed with the Jerusalem Police following a claim by a young man with Williams Syndrome that an Arab security guard attacked him during an event last week at the Tel Aviv Exhibition Center, Channel 12 reports.

The young man who was attacked, Yosef Ovadia, is the drummer for the Shalva band, an Israeli musical group that is famous in Israel and gained international renown when it competed in Eurovision 2019.

One of the guards in the compound reportedly asked to be photographed with him, and when he declined, the guard slapped him hard while documenting the incident

Following the incident, a riot broke out at the scene, the report said.

A young man who witnessed the incident immediately came to Yosef’s aid and called the security officer for assistance, the victim said.

Another young man called the police, who arrived within minutes and interrogated Yosef and the other eyewitnesses.

According to his Ovadia’s family, “Yosef was shocked and very frightened.”

An Arab security guard who attacked MK Itamar Ben-Gvir at a Tel Aviv parking lot Tuesday evening was found to be a Hamas supporter.