Egypt calls on Hamas to stop flying ‘arson kites’ into Israel – report

Egypt has reportedly sent a message to Hamas to halt its arson terror against Israel. 

By: World Israel News Staff

Egypt called on Hamas to stop flying bomb-laden kites and balloons into Israel “within a few days,” according to a report Tuesday by Ynet.

Hamas reportedly responded that it is unable to stop the arson attacks but that it is working to lessen their frequency.

It was not clear from the report when the Egyptians made the request or whether Egypt has threatened Hamas with concrete sanctions if it fails to comply.

“Hamas cannot stop the balloons in one go, because it will harm its status vis-a-vis the residents of the Gaza Strip and those who support it in general, because it would be a capitulation, so therefore it must do so gradually,” a source in Gaza told Ynet.

The kites and balloons booby-trapped with explosives have wreaked havoc in the Israeli communities surrounding the Gaza Strip since the phenomenon began in April, sparking fires that have scorched over 7,000 acres of land and caused millions of shekels in damage.

Israel announced fresh restrictions at its commercial crossing with the Gaza Strip.