Former US Marine planned attack on NY synagogue, mass murder

According to a manifesto of neo-Nazi group Rapekrieg, to which Matthew Belanger belongs, those unable “to pull the trigger on a Jewish child” are unfit for membership.

By World Israel News Staff

Ex-Marine Matthew Belanger plotted mass murder and sexual assault to “decrease the number of minority residents” in the United States, federal prosecutors say, according to a report on the Rolling Stone site.

A member of the neo-Nazi group, “Rapekrieg,” Belanger was also plotting a mass murder attack on a New York synagogue.

Arrested on June 10 in New York and charged with making false statements to a federal firearms licensee in order to purchase an assault rifle and handgun. he pleaded not guilty during an arraignment hearing on Monday, the report says.

According to a July 14 court memo, the report continues, federal prosecutors say that while serving as a Marine, Belanger trained with airsoft guns in the woods of Long Island as part of a plot to attack the “Zionist Order of Governments.”

Furthermore, he was the subject of an FBI Joint Terrorism Taskforce investigation into an alleged plot to “engage in widespread homicide and sexual assault.” The memo explains that his motive was to decrease the number of non-white Americans and to “rape white women to increase the production of white children.”

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Belanger was a member the Marine Corps from 2019 until May 2021, when he was discharged with an Other Than Honorable Discharge, Rolling Stone reported.

In an October 2020 search of his Marine Corps barracks, the FBI found “1,950 images, videos and documents related to white power groups, Nazi literature, brutality towards the Jewish community, brutality towards women, rape, mass murderers,” along with “violent uncensored executions and/or rape” and “previous mass murderers such as Dylan Roof.”

Currently detained at a federal detention center in Honolulu. Belanger has not yet been charged with crimes related to his alleged membership in Rapekrieg.

Prosecutors say Rapekrieg has “overlapping beliefs and membership with other neo-Nazi groups that, according to the detention memo, “espouse racially motivated violent extremist neo-Nazi rhetoric and call for acts of violence to further their extremist ideology.” A Rapekrieg manifesto cited in the memo cites approval of the “rape ideology” as an “effective tool” and says that those unable “to pull the trigger on a Jewish child” are unfit for membership.

The Justice Department, the Marine Corps, and Belanger’s attorneys did not respond to Rolling Stone’s requests for comment.