Gantz, fearful of being upstaged by Netanyahu, to meet Trump alone

Benny Gantz, leader of Israel’s opposition, headed to Washington to meet separately with Trump.

By World Israel News Staff

Blue and White leader Benny Gantz headed to Washington, D.C., on Sunday at the invitation of the White House. He was accompanied by Amir Eshel, a former Israeli Air Force commander and his senior adviser on Trump’s peace plan.

Gantz will meet President Donald Trump on Monday.

Gantz was to meet Trump together with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in D.C. However, Gantz’s inner circle warned that he might be upstaged by the prime minister, due to the latter’s close relationship with Trump. Gantz then changed his mind about making the trip.

The White House offered Gantz a  private meeting with the president, which he accepted.

The White House initially hoped to have both leaders present for the unveiling of the president’s ‘Deal of the Century,’ as his Mideast peace plan has been coined. The Trump administration has repeatedly delayed releasing the plan’s details due to Israel’s internal political stalemate.

“Benny Gantz won’t travel as second fiddle,” Blue and White sources told Israel Hayom on Sunday.

In a speech before parting, Gantz said, “In coordination with the U.S. administration I accepted the personal invitation… of President Trump to meet with him in a personal manner on Monday, as head of the biggest party in Israel.”

Gantz praised the ‘Deal of the Century,’ of which only parts are known to the public, saying it’s “a significant milestone that defines the way the different sides in the Mideast dispute can move forward to an agreement.”

He also said that he expects the plan to lead to sharp internal disagreements within Israel and that he will try to minimize that disagreement as much as possible.

Moshe Ya’alon, a former IDF chief of staff and senior leader in Blue and White, said, “Gantz will go to the White House to learn the outlines of the agreement. We will deal with it after the elections.”

Netanyahu will also meet with Trump on Monday.