Gaza terrorists threaten Israel: ‘Friday will be test day’

Palestinian terror organizations in the Gaza Strip promised Israel that it would be a “test day” this Friday.

By World Israel News Staff

Palestinian terror organizations in the Gaza Strip promised Israel that it would be a “test day” this Friday after Palestinian media reported four rioters were killed by Israeli forces in clashes last Friday along the Israeli border, Ynet news reported.

“The crimes against our people have crossed the red lines and the resistance will not compromise with the enemy and will not stand aside,” the military wings of the various Palestinian terror factions announced Sunday, according to Ynet.

The threat came in a joint statement from the military factions in the Gaza Strip. It said, “Next Friday will be the decisive day and we will test the behavior and intentions of the enemy against our people in the March of Return.”

The March of Return refers to the weekly riots that began along the Gaza-Israel border on March 30, 2018. Tens of thousands of Palestinians have gathered at the border fence to hurl rocks, launch incendiary aerial devices and burn tires. There have been several cases of Palestinians cutting the fence to go across to the other side and burn military and agricultural equipment.

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The terrorist factions also said that “when it comes to the blood of our people and its suffering, neither the money nor the electricity, nor the water, nor even the air cut can stop us from doing what is imposed on us.”

On Saturday, funerals were held for the four Palestinians. Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh, attending one funeral, said that Hamas had asked mediators to regulate Israel’s actions, Ynet reports. He promised that the marches would continue until all their goals were achieved.

About 8,000 rioters gathered at different points along the border last Friday, the Israel Defense Forces reports. They threw stones, burned tires and threw improvised explosive devices, which didn’t reach the Israeli side.

The IDF dispersed the demonstrations and opened fire when it was in accordance with regulations.