Gazan family urges Israel to ‘flatten the Strip’

“I have family in Gaza but I think Gaza should be flattened,” said one family member.

By World Israel News Staff

An Arab Muslim family originally from the Gaza Strip, who have lived in Israel for more than three decades, are calling for the Israeli military to defeat Hamas, even if that entails widespread destruction in the coastal enclave.

Amir Tanabura, 20, was brutally gunned down in Sderot by Hamas terrorists during the massacres on October 7th.

Tanabura’s father and mother, who are originally from Gaza, settled in Sderot some 30 years ago. Their six children were born in Israel.

While the family has integrated into Israeli society, they are practicing Muslims – a fact which did not deter Hamas from murdering the young man.

On Saturday morning, Tarantura left his family home with a friend to buy cigarettes. They spotted a person lying wounded in the street – presumably after being shot – and Tarantura rushed over to attempt to render aid to the victim, his friend recounted.

This attracted the attention of the terrorists, who opened fire and chased Tarantura down as he fled.

Tarantura was struck multiple times. The terrorists gleefully filmed videos of his bullet-ridden body, posting the clips on TikTok.

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“Three terrorists chased him, but he was unable to escape. They murdered him like that, for nothing, a good man who saw an injured person and wanted to help,” one brother, Younes, told Sky News.

“There was no mercy,” another brother, Ibrahim, told Sky News. “They could have shot him once but no – they shot him several times, well after he died. He got a bullet, here, here, here.”

The Tanaburas told Sky News that Hamas must be removed from power in Gaza, by any means necessary.

“Hamas are murderers, they are terrorists. We should erase everybody, Gaza should be flattened. I have family in Gaza but I think Gaza should be flattened,” said one family member.

However, the dismantling of Hamas will not bring back their loved one, who they dearly miss.

“He had a heart of gold,” Ibrahim recounted of his slain brother.

“As they say, ‘God takes only the best’. Next month, he should have turned 21.”