Hackers seize Israeli TV channels, broadcast hate messages

Hackers hijacked Israeli TV broadcasting and streamed incitement and hate messages. 

Two leading Israeli channels were hacked on Tuesday and the networks’ broadcasts were supplemented with hate messages for several minutes.

The hackers streamed the sounds of a Muezzin, photos of the blazes Israel contended with last week and text in broken Hebrew that said that the spate of fires was a punishment from God for a bill proposed by Israel’s Knesset that sought to limit the volume of the call of the Muezzin in the country.

The hackers are believed to be Palestinian.

The broadcast was disrupted only for some of the viewers.

A statement by an Israeli broadcasting entity said that the incident was a “hostile takeover” and of a “terrorist element”   and that they view the incident with much severity.

The message the hackers posted echoes sentiments expressed by Arab social media users about the fires in Israel.

Israeli television was hacked in the past by Hamas during Operation Protective Edge in the summer of 2014.

By: World Israel News Staff