IDF drone shot down during routine security check on border with Lebanon

Israel confirmed one of its drones went down along the Lebanon border.

By World Israel News Staff

“A short while ago, during routine security activity, an IDF drone fell adjacent to Israel’s border with Lebanon, within Lebanese territory,” the Israel Defense Forces Spokesman’s Office reports on Wednesday.

Lebanese media claim the drone was shot down by Hezbollah. A video of a drone followed by the sound of gunfire was released.

According to one report, the drone was shot down by a civilian with a hunting rifle.

The incident follows two in September when Hezbollah knocked down two IDF drones in as many days.

That occurrence followed one in which Gaza terrorists shot down an Israeli drone in the Gaza Strip.

Drones are emerging as a new technological component of warfare.

On Oct. 17, IDF troops spotted and downed a drone near the southern Gaza Strip security fence.

And Hamas has recently attempted to use drones to drop bombs on IDF positions.

The precision of hovering drones to drop payloads of explosives has civilians in Israel’s south particularly worried. They fear Hamas and Islamic Jihad terrorists in the Gaza Strip will target schools and playgrounds.