IDF raids Gaza hospital apprehending 20 Hamas terrorists

The IDF said its forces searched the hospital precisely and selectively,’ without shooting or harming the patients or staff.


The IDF (Israel Defense Forces) reported that its fighters captured about 20 terrorists who were hiding inside the El Amal hospital in Gaza without harming or disrupting the functioning of the hospital. The hospital is located in western Khan Yunis.

“This activity once again proves the cynical pattern of operation of the terrorist organization Hamas, which uses hospitals and a population as a disguise for the purposes of hiding terrorists,” said the IDF.

The terrorists were captured in a raid carried out by the IDF’s Givati Infantry Brigade and its Shayetet 13 naval commando unit.

The operation included prior coordination with the hospital. The IDF said its forces searched the hospital “precisely and selectively,” without opening fire and without harming the patients or the medical staff.

After the activity, the IDF enabled the arrival of dozens of oxygen cylinders donated by international organizations for the hospital’s patients.

IDF said its soldiers will be briefed in advance on the importance of preventing harm to patients, medical teams, civilians and medical equipment, in accordance with international law.