Iranians respond enthusiastically to IDF holiday greetings, Israelis pleased

IDF social media post wishing Iranians a happy spring holiday was well-received by some residents of the Islamic Republic, which pleased the Israelis.

By World Israel News Staff

Citizens of the Islamic Republic of Iran responded positively to an IDF social media post extending holiday greetings, much to the surprise of many in Israel.

The Israeli army’s official Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook accounts posted a Farsi-language message wishing Iranians a pleasant Nowruz and referring to the common ground between Israeli and Iranian people.

“Happy Nowruz! I hope this blessing will reach every Iranian whether he is young or old, religious or secular, male or female, and whether he lives in Iran or has left it involuntarily,” wrote IDF spokesman Ran Kochav.

Nowruz, which is celebrated on the spring equinox, is a traditional holiday celebrated by Iranians, Kurds and other people in the region, but does not carry any specific religious connotations.

“There is much in common between our peoples and nations. Unfortunately, the Iranian regime is hiding this from you,” the post continued.

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Kochav concluded with a jab at Iran’s government, suggesting that it was prioritizing nuclear development over quality of life for its citizens.

“I wish the Iranian people a new spring of hope and respect. Missiles and drones will not fix the country’s acute water crisis, just like enriched uranium will not be able to feed any hungry child in Iran,” he said.

While some replied to the post with antisemitic abuse and anti-Israel sentiments, others expressed gratitude for Kochav’s wishes as well as their unhappiness with Iran’s current rulers.

“We bless the IDF spokesman and hope that we Iranians may have a year without the Islamic Republic,” one female user wrote, including an Israeli flag emoji in her reply.

“Long live Iran, long live Israel,” read another reply.

Yet another wrote that “the Iranian and Israeli nations are brothers and sisters.”

On Instagram, the post was “liked” more than 22,000 times and garnered a staggering 1,700 comments.

Prime Minister Naftali Bennett also extended holiday greetings to the Iranians.

“We know that the Iranian regime does not represent you and they continue to deny you the freedom that you deserve,” he said.