Iran’s Supreme Leader Khamenei rejects Trump’s warnings

In a speech on Tuesday, Iran’s Supreme Leader expressed a sense of utter defiance to Trump’s warnings. 

Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei dismissed any hopes of the Islamic Republic changing course from its recent aggressive actions after having been “put on notice” by US President Donald Trump’s administration.

 “Trump says fear me! No,” declared Khamenei during an address to commanders and officials from Iran’s Army Air Forces.

“The Iranian nation will respond to your comments with a demonstration on the 10th of February,” he added. “They will show others what kind of stance the nation of Iran takes when threatened.”

Moreover, Khamenei thanked Trump for exposing the “reality of American human rights” with regards to his 90-day entry ban on nationals from seven Muslim countries.

“We actually thank this new president because he made it easier for us to reveal the real face of the United States,” he continued. “Now, with everything he is doing—handcuffing a child as young as 5 at an airport—he is showing the reality of American human rights.”

Meanwhile, an Iranian scientist accused of committing espionage crimes with enemy states of Iran, such as Israel, is scheduled to be executed by Iran within two weeks despite reportedly having had no trial or even an attorney.

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By: Jonathan Benedek, World Israel News