Israel foils attempt to smuggle wetsuits into Hamas-controlled Gaza

Wetsuits headed for the Hamas-controlled Gaza Strip were apparently imported by a supplier belonging to the Palestinian Authority. 

Security inspectors belonging to the Israeli Ministry of Defense’s Crossings Authority have managed to stymie a suspected smuggling attempt of approximately 30 professional wetsuits into the Gaza Strip.

COGAT’s (Coordinator of Government Activities in the Territories) Gaza Coordination and Liaison Office, together with the Israel Security Agency, assisted the Defense Ministry in this effort. It is presumed that the wetsuits were en route to elite military units of the Hamas terrorist organization, which has controlled the Gaza Strip since 2007, and specifically its naval commando unit.

The suits were camouflaged within what originally appeared to be an in conspicuous shipment of clothing and sports equipment imported from overseas by a supplier in the Palestinian Authority. Apparently, the shipment was sent to the Gaza Strip without the necessary coordination with Israel.

Shortly after the wetsuits were discovered, the shipment was impounded and an investigation opened to locate the suspects involved.

As is normal protocol, Israel monitors and supervises shipments of aid and other products into the Hamas-controlled Gaza Strip.

Most recently, Israel has been compelled to become even more cautious about what enters Gaza in light of an escalation in tensions. Specifically, Hamas leaders have threatened to retaliate against Israel for its alleged role in the killing of a senior Hamas military leader. Israel is also on alert for the possibility that Hamas has developed new short-range rockets.

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By: Jonathan Benedek, World Israel News