Israeli government approves new measures to fight terrorism

Looking for new ways to fight the recent wave of Palestinian terror, the government authorized a new list of measures to stem the attacks.

By: Aryeh Savir, World Israel News
suicide bombing attack

Police forces at the site of a suicide terror attack. (Yonatan Sindel/Flash90)

Israel’s Security Cabinet convened Tuesday night for another emergency meeting to continue its discussions on the security situation and the wave of Palestinian terror, and approved a series of additional steps to deal with the seemingly endless string of Palestinian terror attacks.

The government announced that Israel’s Police is authorized to impose a closure on centers of friction and incitement in Jerusalem, in accordance with security considerations. Many of the terrorists have come from the eastern neighborhoods in Jerusalem, and a closure of these neighborhoods could minimize the volume of terror attacks.

The police force will likewise be enlarged and expanded, and 300 additional security guards will be recruited to guard public transportation in Jerusalem at a cost of NIS 80 million.

In addition to the demolition of terrorists’ homes, the process of which is supposed to be sped up and has already begun, no new construction will be permitted at the site where a terrorist’s home has been demolished.

The property of terrorists who perpetrate attacks will be confiscated. The government believes that financial penalties will serve as a powerful deterrence.

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The permanent residency rights of terrorists will likewise be revoked.

In an unprecedented decision, IDF units will reinforce the Israel Police in cities and along roads.

The Security Cabinet is slated to reconvene on Wednesday to deal with additional issues, including the key factor of Palestinian incitement, which has been a primary driving force behind the recent wave of terror.

‘Israel Will Settle Accounts with the Murderers’

While addressing the Knesset during a special session to mark 14 years since the assassination of Israeli Minister Rechavam Ze’evi, Netanyahu said the recent further deterioration in the security situation is due to the incitement by Hamas, the Islamic Movement and the Palestinian Authority. “You will be held responsible,” he declared.

PM Netanyahu addresses the Knesset

PM Netanyahu addresses the Knesset. (GPO/Kobi Gideon )

Relating to the newly approved measure, Netanyahu said that “Israel will settle accounts with the murderers, those who attempt murder, and all those who assist them. Not only will they not enjoy their privileges, but we will exact from them the full cost. Anyone who raises his hand to harm us – will pay dearly. And we will not hesitate to use all means at our disposal to restore peace to the cities of Israel.”

To Israel’s citizens he said, “we are in a struggle, a struggle for us all, and we will face it together. We knew waves of terrorism in the past and we overcame them. They did not achieve their aim to uproot us from our land, to destroy our country. They will not achieve it this time either. We are focused on our mission to fight the murderers and inciters, and I am confident that the actions we take will lead to the other side’s recognition that terrorism does not pay. Its perpetrators will pay the full price, and above all – Israel is strong, and in spite of them it will be here forever.”

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Addressing Palestinian Authority (PA) head Mahmoud Abbas directly, Netanyahu demanded “stop lying, stop inciting. A true leader must demonstrate responsibility. You must stop the incitement originating from the PA areas, both in regard to the Temple Mount and in respect to the legitimate defensive actions taken by the Israeli security forces and Israeli citizens who are attacked by murderers. You must fight the extremists that make innocent people pay so dearly,” and “do not turn murderers into heroes.”

Palestinian terrorists have murdered seven Israeli civilians and wounded 92 in multiple terror attacks over the past weeks, irreversibly changing forever, and for the worse, the lives of hundreds of Israeli families.