Israeli woman murdered in Germany on New Year’s eve

Moran Kaiser, 39, moved to Dusseldorf several years ago with her family; her boyfriend was taken into custody for the murder.

By Batya Jerenberg, World Israel News

An Israeli woman was murdered in Dusseldorf, Germany on Saturday night after allegedly having a fierce argument with her boyfriend, who was arrested close to the scene of the crime.

Moran Kaiser’s neighbors heard screams coming from the man’s apartment at around 9:30 p.m. on New Year’s eve and called the police, the victim’s sister Shulamit, who lives in northern Israel, told Channel 12 Monday.

The officers found Kaiser’s stabbed body and called for medical assistance, but the ambulance crew was forced to pronounce her death.

“This is a terrible tragedy for us,” Shulamit said. “Just a few days ago we talked on the phone…. We’re in shock over what happened. We can’t absorb that it’s real.”

“Moran was a special woman, energetic, happy, with a huge heart,” she said. “She loved Israel and wanted to live here, but kept putting off her desire to return because the father of her young child lives there.”

Kaiser, 39, moved to Germany from Carmiel with her sister several years ago. She married a Polish-German man and had a daughter with him before they divorced. The girl, now six, was with her father at the time of the murder.

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The suspected murderer is a local man, aged 33, who became involved with Kaiser several months ago. According to Shulamit, he spent time in a treatment facility for drug addicts and his mental state may have been unstable.

“My mother didn’t like [Moran’s] relationship with that man, she thought he was a dubious character, that he wasn’t for her,” she stated, adding that she had said so to Moran several times before backing off.

Kaiser had recently told her sister that she might leave her boyfriend, Shulamit said.

“We didn’t imagine the possibility that he would hurt her. We certainly didn’t think that he would stab her to death.”

Kaiser’s mother, who lives in Germany, will meet with local investigators Monday, hoping get more information about what happened and why.

“We are helping the family with the issue of the burial,” the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs said in a statement.