Israelis brace for flash floods

Stormy weather and heavy rains expected across Israel, raising concerns of flash floods.


Israel is bracing for an unusual late spring storm that is expected to bring heavy rains in the southern part of the country over the next few days. Ordinarily, the rain season in this region ends bet late May and, while there may be some light rain here and there, heavy rains are rare.

The Israel Police warned the public that the heavy rains are expected to cause flash flooding in a number of remote areas popular for hiking in the south and in the Dead Sea and Judean Desert region so people should stay away from them.

Drivers are urged to be cautious and to drive carefully and not to approach flood zones and reservoirs and not to cross flowing streams

The Israel Police is preparing to block roads and hiking trails in order to protect the lives and safety of road users.

By the end of the week a heat wave is expected throughout the country.

Two people were killed when flash floods hit Israel last month, leaving dozens stranded in low-lying areas.

Israeli police and IDF forces rescued 36 people during the floods, and found the remains of two people who drowned near Highway 40 in the lower Negev/Arava region by Nahal Tsihor.