Next president? Haley hints at ‘first day in office,’ vows to destroy Iran deal

It marked the second sledgehammer hint this month of the popular ex-UN envoy’s plans to run for president in 2024. 

By Debbie Reiss, World Israel News

Former U.S. Ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley on Monday insinuated that she may run for president in the 2024 elections, marking the second time this month that the former Trump envoy has not-so-subtly hinted at a presidential bid.

“If this president signs any sort of [Iran nuclear] deal, I’ll make you a promise: The next president will shred it on her first day in office,”she said at the Christians United for Israel’s (CUFI) 17th annual Washington Summit to loud applause. “Just saying, sometimes it takes a woman.”

Speaking in Iowa earlier this month, Haley said she would run for president in 2024 “if there’s a place for me.”

“What I’ve always said is, I love this country,” she said. “I had the pleasure of serving the state that raised me and defending the country I love so much. And if it looks like there’s a place for me next year, I’ve never lost a race. I’m not going to start now. I’ll put 1,000% in and I’ll finish it. If there’s not a place for me, I will fight for this country until my last breath.”

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In her speech on Monday, Haley denounced the Biden administration for surrendering to Iran and positioning the regime to be in the “the strongest position” ever.

She also said that if the U.S. failed to prevent Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons, it was up to Washington to help Jerusalem get the job done.

“If it ever looks like Iran is getting to a nuclear weapon, we must act, and we must act swiftly and decisively,” said Haley. “Our national security depends on keeping the bomb away from Iran, and if America won’t, then Israel must, and we should help them. At the minimum, we should give Israel everything it needs to defend itself and destroy Iran’s nuclear program.”

“Due to America’s weakness, Iran is in the strongest position it’s ever been. Everyone knows what Iran wants. It wants nuclear weapons, it wants ballistic missiles to carry those nuclear weapons, and it wants to use those missiles and nukes to destroy both Israel and America,” said Haley.

“The president is desperate to get back into the Iran nuclear deal. He’s made that clear, and he’s said he’ll do almost anything to get the ayatollahs to sign on the dotted line.”

According to Haley, the U.S.’ weakness has emboldened other rogue nations, including North Korea, China, and Russia – which, she maintains, would have never invaded Ukraine if “America hadn’t failed so miserably.”

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“When America is weak, evil reigns,” Haley continued. “The war in Ukraine is a reminder that evil is real, and it needs to be confronted,” said Haley.

She hailed Israel for being a refuge state for fleeing Ukrainian Jews.

She also praised Ukraine for defending itself in the face of Russia. “When people have a land to call home, their love and pride of country make it easier to defend themselves from their enemies.”

“We used to have that love of country, that used to be us,” Haley said.

She slammed President Joe Biden for resuming aid to the Palestinian Authority, noting that the funds would go to UNRWA, the UN’s agency for Palestinian refugees, which she called a “straight-up antisemitic terrorist front group.”