Left-wing Israelis protest halachic, messianic state outside Jerusalem yeshiva

Anti-judicial reform protesters say Israel headed towards “apartheid” and Halachic state with “no rights for women, LBGT people, and other minorities.”

By World Israel News Staff

Anti-government protesters demonstrated outside of a yeshiva in Jerusalem on Wednesday morning, claiming that the religious institution represents the “dangerous and Messianic values” held by the current right-wing government.

Demonstrators from the Brothers in Arms protest group and a women’s organization gathered outside the Har Hamor yeshiva, which is associated with the Religious Zionist movement and led by the prominent Rabbi Tzvi Thau.

The protesters banged on drums, used noisemakers and bullhorns to disrupt studies inside the yeshiva, lit smoke flares, and chanted “No to a Halachic state,” according to the Kipa news outlet.

“We came this morning to the yeshiva because it symbolizes the dangerous current in the country, [which is being tolerated] by the one leading the coup d’état [Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu],” a demonstrator told Kipa.

“Their Messianic vision is alarming and terrifying, and includes a Jewish Halachic state, which is based on Jewish supremacy,” the demonstrator added.

“In the Jewish Halachic state, there will be no rights for women, LGBT people and other minorities. It will include the annexation of the territories and apartheid,” the demonstrator charged, without providing evidence for these claims.

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“We can’t let that happen. There will be no Halachic state. There will be no messianic state. Israel will remain free.”

While claiming to have space for religiously observant people in the movement, anti-government protesters have recently adopted numerous positions that indicate their hostility towards Orthodox Israelis.

A former head of the Shin Bet referred to Religious Zionist and Haredi (ultra-Orthodox) lawmakers as the “Jewish jihad” and said they pose an “existential threat” to the state.

A recent anti-judicial reform protest outside of the home of an influential rabbi led to a massive boycott of Angel Bakery by Haredi Jews and ultimately, an apology from activists.