Opinion: Tlaib and Omar’s motives were always false

“It was always intended to be a media event… a media circus.” Reposted with permission of Arutz7.

By Jack Engelhard, Arutz7

Their hearts were never in the right place. Their motives were always false.

Between the two of them, it was always intended to be a media event… a media circus… a media extravaganza… a media frenzy all of it aimed to scandalize the Jewish State.

Otherwise they would have joined the 41 House Democrats who visited Israel some days ago in a spirit of friendship.

But Tlaib and Omar had other business in mind. Friendship was not the focus. President Trump said it in his usual style, plainly, “They hate all Jews.”

Trump figured them harmful for Israel from the beginning, and he kept warning the Israelis to keep them out, until Israel finally acted accordingly. But it was a close call.

Israel had to consider the fact that these two busybodies are members of Congress as well, and nobody wants to rock that boat.

But BDS – which is organized for no other reason except to destroy the Jewish State – is a different story altogether, and these two support a boycott against Israel.

Yes, such are the “lawmakers” Michigan and Minnesota sent to Congress… and gift wrapped them as a “minority” and therefore untouchable.

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The New York Times clocked it front page and had it as “Trump’s extraordinary step to punish his political rivals,” as if their anti-Semitism counts for nothing.

Also reacting swiftly to Israel’s ban meant for BDS and its chums was Omar, who called it an “insult to Democratic values.”

All the way from Mogadishu, this one knows democratic values.

Next, she called it a “Muslim ban.” Nearly two million Muslims live in Israel in complete freedom. Some Muslim ban this is.

You have to wonder what the people in Minnesota and Michigan think of these two. Because the citizens are not getting the attention they deserve.

They must feel awfully snubbed… and in both places, there must be sloth, potholes, poverty and crime enough to warrant half the attention Israel is getting from these two fully.

It’s called bait and switch when you pitch one product and then substitute it for another.

That’s like the peace process, familiar to Tlaib, a self-styled proud Palestinian American, where from Gaza and Ramallah they talk peace at the same time they commit murder against Israelis.

Cameras are always rolling for the four of them… AOC, Pressley, Tlaib and Omar… the Four Ingrates… and they know how to put on a show.

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Knowing them as we do, they had it all planned out to create an incident; cameras rolling to catch any Israeli reacting incautiously at any provocation.

The fear is, that they may decide to go uninvited, in order to provoke.

Beware of this. It could happen. This kind never stops. There is no choice but to stay a step ahead of them before they conjure up their next trick.

Jack Engelhard is a New York-based bestselling American novelist.