Pew survey: Israelis prefer Trump over Obama

Israel and Russia are the only countries that give President Donald Trump higher marks than his predecessor, President Barack Obama, according to a Pew Research Center survey.

A new Pew Research Center study reveals that out of 37 countries, only Israel and Russia give President Donald Trump higher marks than former President Barack Obama. Outside the United States, there is scant confidence in President Donald Trump’s ability to manage international affairs. Less than three out of 10 respondents expressed trust in President Trump’s global abilities.

The study results, published by AP, show that most people disagree with Trump’s main policies, including building a physical wall along the US-Mexican border, and a temporary travel ban on citizens from six Muslim majority countries.

More than half believe the current US President is a strong leader. This is outweighed by larger majorities, who describe Trump as arrogant, dangerous, and intolerant.

A median of 22 percent across all the surveyed countries express confidence in Trump in the field of international affairs. By contrast, 64% expressed confidence in Obama at the end of his presidency.

Trump’s strongest international support base is the Philippines where 69 % of respondents express confidence in the US President. Other countries where more than half of the respondents are positive towards Trump include: Nigeria and Vietnam, 58% each; Israel, 56%, and Russia, 53%.

A median of 76% across all surveyed countries oppose Trump’s promise to erect a Mexican border wall. More than 60 percent disagree with Trump’s temporary travel ban on entering the US from six Muslim states. The travel ban was supported by respondents in Hungary, Israel, Poland, and Russia.

Israel and Russia stand out as the only surveyed countries that prefer Trump over President Obama. A majority of Israelis disagree with Obama’s controversial Iranian nuclear deal.

By: Daniel Krygier, World Israel News