Police demolish outpost for 4th time since yeshiva student murdered

Israeli security forces and police demolish structures again in Homesh, an outpost where a yeshiva student was recently killed in brutal terror attack.

By World Israel News Staff

Israeli security forces destroyed structures in Homesh on Wednesday, marking the fourth time that demolitions have taken place at the outpost since yeshiva student Yehuda Dimentman was killed by terrorists while leaving a yeshiva at the site in December 2021.

Homesh, in northern Samaria, was a Jewish community evacuated in 2005. A yeshiva at the site has remained active, and after Dimentman’s murder, community members built additional structures there to demonstrate that they were not cowed by the act of terror.

After the first demolition in late December, Religious Zionism MK Avi Maoz said “the decision of Bennett’s leftist government to evacuate Jews from a place where a Jew was murdered, rewards terrorism.”

Samaria Regional Council head Yossi Dagan blasted the Israeli government for lying to the public.

“You promised the building of the land and we are experiencing destruction!” he said. “Thanks to you, terrorists are dancing and Jews are crying.”

The destruction of the Homesh buildings came the same day that security forces dismantled a short-lived, symbolic Jewish settlement in the Negev, which organizers said they built as an act of protest against Bedouin land grabs.

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The Israeli government may have acted quickly in order to clamp down on rising tensions after security forces eliminated three terrorists in Shechem (Nablus) on Tuesday, which sparked a “Day of Rage” throughout PA-controlled cities in Judea and Samaria on Wednesday.

Arab Joint List MK Ahmed Tibi called the IDF killing of the men, who repeatedly fired at troops and Jewish communities near Schem, an “act of terror” and referred to them as “martyrs” in the Knesset plenum.

Ghassan Daghlas, a Palestinian Authority leader, told i24 News that the assassination of the terrorists was “a new kind of crime, a new kind of massacre…this is the true face of Israel.”

Referring to Prime Minister Naftali Bennett, he added that Israel’s “government leader is a settler, so there will definitely be catastrophic results on the ground.”

While Bennett has expressed pro-settlement positions, he lives in Ra’anana, a well-heeled bedroom community near Tel Aviv, and is not a settler.