Rebel terror group in Gaza rejects Egyptian-Hamas deal to stop ‘fire kites’

Gaza’s self-described “airborne firebomb squad” accused Israel of spreading lies about a deal reached between Egypt and Hamas to phase out the launching of bomb-laden kites and balloons against Israel, Ha’aretz reported. 

By: World Israel News Staff

Squads of terrorists responsible for launching bomb-laden kites and balloons into Israel that have resulted in the torching of thousands of acres of forests and fields rejected on Wednesday reports of an Egyptian-brokered ceasefire.

The group denied that it had agreed to stop its activities and vowed to step up attacks unless Israel and Egypt lifted the blockage against Gaza.

‘Our activities will escalate unless we achieve the Palestinian people’s goal of removing the blockade,” the group said in a statement according to Ha’aretz.

“Israel disseminated lies that we would stop [the airborne arson] within 72 hours and that Hamas has deployed its forces to stop the launchings. Therefore we are declaring that we will never stop and our units went out this morning to carry out additional attacks.”

Hamas and Islamic Jihad were said to be pursuing talks with Egyptian intelligence for a deal to ease border tensions.

However, it is unclear to what extent the terrorists behind launchings of bomb-laden kites and balloons are under the control of Hamas and Islamic Jihad.

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Many of those responsible for the so-called “non-violent” attacks have no connection to Hamas. The squads were created during the demonstrations along the border fence.

The squads of kite and balloon fliers have adopted the name of  Mohammed Al-Zoari, an aviation scientist and engineer with links to Hamas, who was shot dead at point-blank range in Tunisia.