Skip ‘shameful’ UN Nakba event, urges Israeli ambassador

UN Nakba event condones Jew-hatred, promotes ‘libelous’ Palestinian narrative, claims Israeli Ambassador to the UN Gilad Erdan.

By Adina Katz, World Israel News

Israeli Ambassador to the United Nations Gilad Erdan sent an open letter to his colleagues Sunday, urging them to skip a “Nakba Day” event scheduled for Monday.

The word nakba means ‘catastrophe’ in Arabic, and is often used by pro-Palestinian groups and activists to describe the establishment of the State of Israel.

“The thought that an international organization could mark the establishment of one of its member states as a catastrophe or disaster is both appalling and repulsive,” Erdan wrote in the letter.

He noted that after Israel declared independence at the UN on May 14, 1948, armies from five neighboring Arab countries invaded the territory.

Against all odds, Israel emerged victorious from the War of Independence, but even 75 years later, the Palestinians and other Arabs refuse to acknowledge their role in the conflict, Erdan explained.

The Nakba Day event is “a blatant attempt to distort history, neglecting the fact that those who paint themselves as the victims were actually the aggressors who initiated a five-front war on the newly established State of Israel,” he wrote.

“This horrifying falsification must not be condoned in any way shape or form.”

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The event exacerbates existing antisemitism, he wrote.

“Not only does this condone Jew-hatred, but it also gives a green-light to the Palestinians to continue exploiting international organs to promote their libelous narrative.”

Erdan said that countries who believe they have good intentions by participating in the event are actually perpetuating the conflict.

“Attending one-sided Palestinian initiatives that falsely brand Israel as the source of all evil does not bring the conflict closer to an end, but only serves to inflame tensions,” he added.

Addressing the diplomats, Erdan wrote that he “deeply” urges them “not to take part in the shameful ‘Nakba’ Event on May 15. Such events only serve to demonize Israel and further push away any chance for reconciliation.”