US envoy slams Hamas for refusal to help Palestinians

Jason Greenblatt, US President Donald Trump’s special Mideast envoy, attacked Hamas in a series of tweets for hurting Palestinians and Israelis. 

By: World Israel News Staff

Jason Greenblatt, President Donald Trump’s special Mideast envoy, assailed Hamas, which rules the Gaza Strip, for its refusal to help Palestinian residents while investing all its resources in attacking Israel.

“Hamas is hurting everyone!” Greenblatt stated during a series of tweets condemning the terror group’s multi-faceted attacks on Israel’s south, while noting the suffering experienced by Gaza’s residents as a result of Hamas’ conduct.

“By the end of one day (July 14), 200 mortars and rockets were fired from Gaza into Israel. Some landed in communities bordering and near Gaza and caused injuries. Hamas’ terror kites and terror balloons are causing dangerous fires and millions of dollars in property damage in Israel,” Greenblatt said on Twitter.

Hamas’ burning kites and balloons launched over the border fence have ignited over 1,000 fires in the area adjacent to the Strip in the past three months, laying waste to more than 8,200 acres of forest and agricultural land, with damage totaling tens of millions of dollars.

“In the meantime, the people of Gaza have little electricity, high unemployment, and continue to suffer,” Greenblatt pointed out. “Hamas continues to divert desperately needed money and resources from the Palestinians of Gaza.”

The envoy charged that “these actions only lead to the disastrous escalation of violence and more people left suffering under failed governance. Hamas is hurting everyone!”

“What part of sending arson devices randomly at your neighbors is civilized or peaceful?” he demanded.

Greenblatt tweeted similar messages in Arabic.

Hamas’ fire terrorism ignited 15 fires in Israel’s south on Tuesday, while flaming devices landed in two Israeli schools.

Greenblatt has previously assailed Hamas’ failed leadership in Gaza and it arson terrorism, tweeting in June, “Hamas attack kites are not harmless playthings or metaphors for freedom. They are deployed as propaganda and indiscriminate weapons. Since the recent outbreak of violence, Hamas attack kites have started hundreds of fires, destroyed thousands of acres and wasted millions of dollars.”