Zionists ‘will certainly be punished for their evil deeds,’ says Jewish Iranian lawmaker

The U.S. and Israel are behind the hijab protests, says the Jewish representive in Iran’s parliament.

By World Israel News Staff

Dr. Homayoun Sameyah Najaf-Abadi, representative of the Jewish community in the Iranian parliament, launched a sharp attack against the U.S. and Israel, Channel 14 reported Sunday night.

Like Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei, he claimed the Americans and “Zionists” are behind the hijab protests in Iran.

“I advise young protesters not to be influenced by the hostile media and malicious propaganda of the enemies of the border and this region, because they make your security and precious lives a target,” Sameyah stated in Parliament.

“Be sure that many spy organizations are trying to protect their interests to achieve their evil goals by inciting tensions and disrupting the security and territorial integrity of the country,” he added.

Furthermore, Sameyah claimed, “the goal of these Zionists is to disrupt the unity of the Iranian nation, and the day will surely come when all the Iranian people and the holy system of the Islamic Republic will be free from danger.”

The Zionists “will certainly be punished for their evil deeds,” he declared.

Sameyah, chair of the Tehran Jewish Association, was born in 1965 to a religious Jewish family.