‘Police have crossed every possible line’: MK faints during violent clash with officers in Sheikh Jarrah

Ben-Gvir returned to flashpoint site Monday morning, pledging to remain until security for Jews in the neighborhood is increased.

By World Israel News Staff

Religious Zionism MK Itamar Ben-Gvir fainted during a physical altercation with security forces while they attempted to physically remove him from the eastern Jerusalem Shimon HaTzadik (Sheikh Jarrah) neighborhood, where he had established a symbolic parliamentary office.

On Sunday night, while Ben-Gvir was negotiating with Jerusalem officials in a reported compromise that would see him remove his temporary office from the neighborhood in exchange for increased security protection for Jews in Sheikh Jarrah, security forces began to forcibly expel his supporters from the site.

“The police have crossed every possible line tonight,” Ben-Gvir wrote on Twitter. “While our representatives sat down with the district commander to bring about permanent police security, dozens of police officers come, use severe violence against right-wing activists and me, and try to destroy the parliamentary office. We didn’t plan on it, but we’re going to stay and sleep here tonight.”

Shortly after the tweet, in a video widely circulating on social media, Ben-Gvir is seen trying to push past two security officers who attempt to physically restrain – in direct violation of his parliamentary immunity, which guarantees that he cannot be detained by police.

During the struggle, Ben-Gvir appeared to suddenly lose consciousness, sliding towards the ground with his body limp. It is unclear what caused him to faint.

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Ben-Gvir was rushed to Hadassah Ein Kerem Medical Center in Jerusalem, where he was given medical tests.

On Monday morning, Ben-Gvir wrote on Twitter that “despite the assault and sabotage,” he had returned to his temporary office in Sheikh Jarrah.

“I will not give up and I will not rest until security returns to the residents of the neighborhood,” he wrote.

On Sunday, Ben-Gvir and his supporters established a temporary parliamentary office, consisting of a table under an awning in front of the home of the Jewish Yushuvayev family, which was firebombed by local Arabs and severely damaged on Friday evening.

Tal Yushuvayev has complained that his family has been the target of antisemitic Arab violence in the neighborhood, with his car burned multiple times and little to no police intervention.

Ben-Gvir pledged to remain in front of the Yushuvayev family home until security forces promise to establish a permanent presence in that part of the neighborhood and agree to step up patrols and response times.

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Arab residents of Sheikh Jarrah were outraged by Ben-Gvir’s Saturday evening announcement that the sitting member of the Israeli Knesset would visit their neighborhood in Israel’s capital city.

Violence broke out on Saturday evening, with Arabs throwing rocks and other projectiles at Jews and security forces. At least five Arab rioters were arrested on Saturday.

Tensions were high in the neighborhood after Ben-Gvir arrived on Sunday morning, and security forces intervened repeatedly as local Arabs clashed with his supporters.

The Hamas terror group issued a threat to Israel, warning of severe “consequences” should Ben-Gvir continue to maintain a presence in the neighborhood.