21 arrested in Jerusalem as outrage builds over Jewish boy’s death blamed on police

Twenty-one demonstrators were arrested and 11 police officers were injured.

By Lauren Marcus, World Israel News

Some 2,000 right-wing protesters gathered in front of the National Police Headquarters in Jerusalem Saturday night, demanding an investigation into the death of Ahuvia Sandak, 16, killed on Dec. 21 during a high-speed chase.

Although the protest began peacefully, the event devolved into violent clashes between police and demonstrators. The protesters blocked the Jerusalem Light Rail, and allegedly threw stones and eggs at police officers. Police used water cannons to disperse the protesters.

At least 21 protesters were arrested. The police said 11 officers were injured, with 4 officers struck by stones thrown by demonstrators.

Amateur footage from the scene shows police punching, kicking, and shoving protesters who did not comply with commands to disperse.

One man left a baby in a stroller in front of a police crowd dispersal vehicle in an act of protest. The police said the man was arrested and the baby was taken to his mother, who was in a different part of the demonstration.

Demonstrators blocked the vehicle of an Arab family driving by the protest, allegedly shouting “death to Arabs” while striking the car. The vehicle sped off, injuring two protesters and a police officer.

Protesters interviewed by local media called upon Police Commissioner Amir Ohana to open an independent committee of inquiry into the circumstances of Sandak’s death and the actions of the Judea and Samaria police.

Last Monday, Sandak was killed in a car accident near Kokhav HaShahar in Judea and Samaria after his vehicle flipped over during a police chase.

Police allege that Sandak and three friends were throwing rocks at passing Palestinian vehicles, and that the driver lost control of their car while fleeing security officers.

Sandak’s injured friends said their vehicle flipped after police intentionally rear-ended it in an effort to stop it.

On Wednesday, Sandak’s family petitioned the Supreme Court to stop the police from investigating the case because they say there’s reason to believe the police themselves caused the accident that led to his death.