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David Duke Ilhan Omar

Anti-Semitism unites extreme left with extreme right

Despite their vast ideological differences, several factors unite the worldviews of the extreme right with the extreme left-Islamist alliance, in which Jews and Israel play a disproportionate role.
March 11, 2019

Analysis: Must Israel reoccupy Gaza?

For the past decade, Israeli leaders have focused on managing, rather than solving the Gaza terror crisis.  By Daniel Krygier, World Israel News Most security experts agree that as long as Hamas remains i...
November 25, 2018

Analysis: Brazil’s Bolsonaro buoyed by Evangelical rise

A new era appears to have dawned for Israeli-Brazilian relations with the election of staunchly pro-Israel president-elect Jair Bolsonaro. By Daniel Krygier, World Israel News Brazil’s newly elected, poli...
November 7, 2018
Mahmoud Abbas

Analysis: Hamas-Fatah rivalry makes peace impossible

How can Arab-Israeli peace be achieved in the absence of peace between Hamas and Fatah? By Daniel Krygier, World Israel News Since 1967, the Arab-Israeli conflict has been generally seen through the lens ...
October 9, 2018