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Miri Regev Abu Dhabi

Opinion: Trading the future for gestures and glitter

Israelis and American Jews are celebrating this “feel good” moment, but Israel is trapped once again in the all too familiar game of having to pay for symbolic gestures with the hard currency of real and probably irreversible concessions.
August 23, 2020
Election 2020 DNC

Opinion: Barack Obama – a one-trick pony

After eight years, everyone had been saturated with his patter of, 'This is not who we are,' 'We must live up to our values' and, 'This country sure is racist.'
August 20, 2020
High Court of Justice

Opinion: Israel’s High Court hits a new low

That left-wing activists consider the demolition of terrorists’ homes a cruel form of 'collective punishment' is par for the course. But judges are not supposed to base their rulings on political bias.
August 12, 2020