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Killing of Voronenkov in Ukraine

Former Russian politician killed in Ukraine

The Kremlin completely denies Ukraine's accusations against Russia of "state terrorism" for alleged involvement in the killing of a former Russian lawmaker on Thursday in Kiev.
Donald Trump at the White House

WATCH: Trump ‘somewhat’ vindicated after Obama surveillance revealed

President Donald Trump, responding to question of whether he feels vindicated by the revelation by congressman that the Obama administration allowed the unmasking of the identities of Trump transition team members surveilled by intelligence agencies, even though no criminal or Russian connections were found, answered, “I Somewhat do. I very much appreciated the fact that they found what they found.”
gence Committee Chairman Davin Nunes

US House: Trump’s team monitored by US intelligence

The revelations of the intelligence community's apparent and 'incidental' surveillance of Trump's transition team were made as a Congressional probe is conducted into Obama's alleged wiretapping of Trump in the 2016 campaign.
Israeli shot in Ohio, critically wounded

Israeli critically wounded in Ohio

No suspects have been arrested in connection with to an Israeli who was discovered critically wounded from several gunshots outside a rental home in Cleveland.