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EU representatives tour eastern Jerusalem neighborhood

Turning a blind eye to Palestinian violence – analysis

Both the US and the EU continue to single out the settlement issue instead of focusing on all the obstacles By Israel Kasnett, “Instead of focusing on all the obstacles and identifying the most i...
January 11, 2022
Gantz and Abbas

Mahmoud Abbas plays Benny Gantz for a fool – opinion

Whatever Israel’s defense minister may have told himself and others about what took place during his latest session with the Palestinian Authority leader, it certainly wasn’t 'confidence-building.'
January 6, 2022
The covid vaccine is legal in the United States and has not committed a crime, vial threatened with gavel.

Vaccines and power – comment

Is vaccine status going to be the new societal discriminator for those who might be 'more equal' than others?
December 3, 2021

China and Russia race ahead of America – opinion

The U.S. has been twiddling its thumbs while the Chinese and the Russians develop anti-satellite capabilities and hypersonic missiles. By Caroline Glick, Israel Hayom via Over the past several wee...
November 28, 2021