Anti-Israel activist mocks US congressman over loss of his legs in combat

Brian Mast lost both his legs while serving in Afghanistan after he was severely wounded by an improvised explosive device.

By Vered Weiss, World Israel News

An anti-Israel activist harassed GOP Congressman Brian Mast over the loss of his legs in combat when he was serving in Afghanistan.

A social media user operating under the handle “The Palestine News Network” approached Mast in the hallway of the US Capitol and, showing his prosthetic legs, asked Mast, “What happened to your legs?”

He continued, “Did a red triangle go over your head?”

The red triangle refers to the symbol used by Hamas propagandists to signal personnel or vehicles targeted by terrorists.

Mast responded, “Want to know what happens if these legs get stuck up somebody’s ass? You’re about to find out.”

The user behind the Palestinian News Network account accused Mast in jest of making a “homophobic comment.”

Brian Mast was seriously wounded by an improvised explosive device in the Arghandab District of Kandahar when he was clearing an area for the U.S. Army Rangers.

Both of his legs were amputated, and he wears prosthetic limbs.

The PNN TikTok account features videos of anti-Israel activists directly confronting politicians and harassing them if they don’t directly answer questions or agree with statements PNN poses.

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Mast isn’t the only politician who has been stalked by anti-Israel protesters.

As of early May, Senator Ted Cruz’s home had been the target of anti-Israel protests more than a dozen times.

The protesters were from the group Students for Justice in Palestine, the same organization responsible for the anti-Israel encampments nationwide.

The GOP Senator’s home in Texas had been targeted fourteen times between February and May, and one protester was arrested.

Senator Cruz insisted he would continue to stand firm against “harassment and intimidation.”
A spokesman for the Senator told Fox News Digital, “Senator Cruz will continue to stand with Israel and support Israel’s right to defend itself and utterly eradicate Hamas.”

He added, “No amount of harassment or intimidation by terrorist supporters will change that.”