Drone from Lebanon infiltrates Israeli airspace

The craft was tracked by the IDF throughout the incident, says the IDF.

By World Israel News Staff and TPS

A drone flying from Lebanon on Wednesday infiltrated Israeli airspace.

An IDF force identified the drone which entered from Lebanese territory into Israel. It was permitted to return to Lebanon, according to an IDF statement.

Several Israeli aircraft tracked the drone but in the end did not intercept it.

In the past, Israel has dealt more harshly when its airspace has been penetrated, including retaliatory strikes, Ynet reports.

However, Israel maintains a tough stance regarding the terror group Hezbollah, which is based in Lebanon. The head of Israel’s Northern Command, Amir Baram, said in a speech on Wednesday that Lebanon is liable to pay a heavy price in Israel’s next war with Hezbollah due to its partnership with the Iran-backed terror organization.