IDF strikes Hamas targets in Gaza after troops attacked, 1 soldier injured

One IDF soldier was lightly wounded when troops came under fire from Gaza terrorists.

By: AP and World Israel News Staff

The IDF says it shelled terrorist targets in the Gaza Strip after its troops on the border came under fire Wednesday. An Israeli soldier was lightly injured.

The army said in a statement it was “targeting Hamas military posts in the Gaza Strip” after soldiers were shot at.

A spokesman for the Gaza Health Ministry said two Palestinians were killed and one was seriously wounded in the strikes.

The cross-border exchange took place a few days after Gaza’s Hamas rulers agreed to a ceasefire with Israel to prevent weekend hostilities from escalating.

A tense ceasefire held on the Gaza border Saturday following several waves of Israeli strikes on Hamas targets in the Strip in retaliation for the death of a soldier killed by sniper fire – the first Israeli casualty since the summer of 2014.

Also during the day Wednesday, Gaza terrorists continued launching fire balloons into Israeli territory.