Israeli forces seal home of Palestinian terrorist who murdered Israeli civilian

Fighting a relentless war on Palestinian terrorism, Israeli forces sealed the homes of a Palestinian terrorist responsible for the murder of an Israeli citizen as he was returning from a holiday meal. 

By: Aryeh Savir, World Israel News

Israeli forces early Monday morning sealed the home of Abed Dawidat of Tsur Baher in Jerusalem, a Palestinian terrorist who murdered an Israeli civilian in Jerusalem in September.

On September 13 Alexander Levlovitz, 64, was driving home from a Rosh Hashanah meal when Palestinian terrorists attacked his car in Jerusalem, causing him to drive into a pole and killing him.

He was the first victim to be murdered in the current Palestinian terror wave.

Israel’s Supreme Court earlier in the month canceled home demolition orders for three of the four Palestinian terrorists who were convicted of taking part in the deadly rock-throwing attack.

The other three Palestinian terrorists, also from the neighborhood of Tsur Baher, were indicted over the attack. Courts ruled that the central suspect, Dawidat, was the one who threw the deadly rock and stood closest to Levlovitz’s car, causing the fatal accident.

The ruling canceled the demolition order for the three terrorists and gave final approval only for the sealing of Dawidat’s home, which was carried out Monday.

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The demolition of terrorists’ homes are meant to serve as a deterrence for potential terrorists who are plotting future attacks and are part of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s plans to contend with the recent wave of Palestinian terror attacks, which has claimed the lives of 33 victims in the past six months.