Israeli guards foil terrorist attack at farmhouse in Binyamin region

The terrorist attempted to break into the farmhouse while shouting “Allahu Akbar.”

By World Israel News Staff

A 3:45 a.m on Friday, a terrorist drove into the Sde Efraim farm in the Binyamin region, crossed the entire farm, and pulled over adjacent to the entrance of the farm owner’s home.

The terrorist then ran out of the car towards the building shouting “Allahu Akbar” and attempted to break into the house.

Simultaneously, one of the guards of the farm spotted the terrorist and began to alert the rest of the guards who were sleeping in a nearby structure.


IDF soldiers at the scene (IDF)

The terrorist ran towards the guard who was not armed and assaulted him. Another guard who woke up at the moment and was armed, neutralized the terrorist together with help from the farm owner.

Later on Friday morning, IDF troops entered the village of Ras Karkar, from which the terrorist came.

IDF troops continue to conduct searches in the area.

The terrorist’s car and body were cleared by sappers, and no weapons were found in the terrorist’s possession.