Netanyahu’s son: ‘Prosecutors who indicted my father deserve the death penalty’

This was a “a coup d’état,” for which the punishment is death, Yair Netanyahu said.  

By World Israel News Staff

Prime Minister-designate Benjamin Netanyahu’s son, Yair Netanyahu, said that state prosecutors involved in the corruption charges against his father should be tried for treason and sentenced to death if found guilty.

The younger Netanyahu, who is often accused of being a firebrand, made his comments on Galei Israel radio on Sunday.

“The crimes that these senior prosecutors – and people in the police department – committed are each worth five years in prison at a minimum. So that’s already about 10,000 total years in prison for all the crimes these people committed.”

It was a “vicious attempt to overthrow the government,” he claimed.

According to Netanyahu, it was an attempt to “frame an innocent man,” and because of his position as Israeli premier, this was tantamount to “a coup d’état, which is treason.”

“Everyone is welcome to look up the law to see what the punishment is for treason. I’ll give you a hint – it isn’t a jail sentence,” he said.

The younger Netanyahu later slammed the coverage of his remarks by Israel’s “left-wing” media, calling the reports “fake news.”

He also denied inciting to violence.

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“Anyone who studied reading comprehension in school can easily understand that the purpose of what I said on the radio was to emphasize to listeners the severity of the criminal behavior of the prosecutors who frame [people], according to the Israeli law books.”

“I definitely did not call to hurt anyone.”

Netanyahu is accused of breach of trust, fraud and bribery.