‘Prepare your arms’: Netanyahu says revaccination push starts in 6 months

Israel’s prime minister says he is planning a new round of vaccinations in six months, possibly involving children.

By Associated Press

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu says Pfizer and Moderna have agreed to supply an additional 16 million vaccines to Israel. He says, “So prepare your arms, muscles for those who want, and the children as well. Our estimate is that by then, there will be approved vaccines for children.”

Many health experts believe people who are vaccinated may need to receive boosters to maintain their immunity levels.

Israel carried out a successful vaccination push in which nearly 90% of the adult population has either been inoculated or recovered from COVID-19. This has allowed the government to reopen schools, stores, restaurants and its main airport in recent weeks. This week, the government said people no longer must wear masks outdoors – ending a year-long restriction.

Israel has shared some of its vaccines with Palestinians in Judea and Samaria. Under diplomatic agreements, Israel is not responsible for vaccinating the Palestinians.

The Palestinian Authority has also secured its own vaccine supplies, in large part through the U.N.-backed COVAX program, but lags far behind Israel.