Colorful balloon cluster from Gaza carries deadly explosive

Gaza terrorists sent a cluster of colorful balloons connected to an explosive device across the border into Israeli territory.

By TPS and World Israel News

An improvised explosive device connected to a cluster of balloons launched from Gaza landed in an open field in the Negev on Sunday, TPS reported.

The balloons had Arabic writing on them.

A police sapper was alerted to scene, and the IED exploded while he was dismantling it. No one was injured.

Tamir Idan, head of the Sdot Negev Regional Council, said the incident was a “severe escalation” and demanded that the IDF respond to the attack.

The video below was posted on Facebook. “Thank goodness it was destroyed. Imagine if some kids picked it up,” one of the comments read.

The police neutralized it and took it away. This give you some proportion of how large it was!

Posted by Adele Raemer on Sunday, January 6, 2019