French FM rebukes Israeli Defense Minister for criticizing France’s ‘hostile’ policies

A source in the French Foreign Ministry felt Gallant was ‘accusing (France) of antisemitism.’

By Vered Weiss, World Israel News

The French Foreign Ministry criticized Israeli Defense Minister Yoav Gallant for his rejection of France’s roadmap for ending the conflict with Lebanon and for his remarks that France’s policies have been “hostile” towards Israel.

“The French are very angry about this,” a French source told The Jerusalem Post, and said Gallant was “accusing them of antisemitism.”

The source within the Ministry said they felt Gallant was stepping outside of his role as Defense Minister and behaving as if he were a foreign minister or prime minister.

Gallant’s remarks came after French President Emmanuel Macron spoke at the G7 conference about setting up a trilateral summit with the US and Israel to seek an end to the conflict on the border between Lebanon and Israel.

Gallant rejected the notion of joining an initiative introduced by Macron and criticized France’s policies regarding Israel.

He said in a statement, “As we fight a just war, defending our people, France has adopted hostile policies against Israel.”

“In doing so, France ignores the atrocities committed by Hamas against Israeli children, women and men,” he added.

He concluded, “Israel will not be a party to the trilateral framework proposed by France.”

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The source in the French Foreign Ministry denied that Gallant was speaking on behalf of Israel and said that Israel has not rejected the trilateral effort initiated by Macron.

They added, “Beyond the differences of opinion that exist between Israel and France, the statements against France (made by Gallant) are incorrect and out of place.”

In addition to being one of several countries that protected Israel from Iran’s missiles and drones, the source says France takes an “aggressive line in regards to sanctions against Iran and its missile and [armed drones initiatives] within the European Union.”

They added, “Authorities in France are actively fighting the scourge of antisemitism and protecting the Jewish communities within its country.”

“The Ministry of Foreign Affairs will continue to fight to protect Israel’s interests on the northern border against all relevant parties,” they concluded.