WATCH: Hundreds of Palestinians pour through breach in Israel’s security fence

A Twitter user named Or wrote that the scene appeared “very similar to the loophole near Sansana where Dr. Avi Har-Lev was murdered two weeks ago.”

By Lauren Marcus, World Israel News

As Israel’s Ben Gurion Airport remains shuttered and Israelis abroad are unable to enter Israel, drone footage released on Sunday morning showed hundreds of Palestinians freely streaming into the Jewish State via a breach in the security fence.

The footage, taken Sunday morning, revealed that masses of Palestinian men are crossing into Israel illegally near the south Hebron hills, as share taxis and buses wait to take the men to job sites across the country.

“The Tarkumiya checkpoint is closed to Palestinian workers due to corona, but the breach is open as usual. This is what it looks like this morning, from the breach in the fence, to the transportation to Israel,” wrote Kan journalist Roy Sharon.

While Israel grants labor permits for Palestinians, the majority of whom work in agriculture and construction, the Israeli government has banned Palestinians from entering the country during the third nationwide lockdown.

The video immediately sparked an outcry from hundreds of Israelis on Twitter.

“It’s crazy,” a Twitter user named Yossi wrote in response to the video. “Thousands of [unauthorized] people cross safely into Israel and the state doesn’t know about it? Insanity.”

“The most annoying part of this is that the state continues to pour billions every year on checkpoints that actually do not provide a solution to anything,” wrote Twitter user Yehuda.

“Everyone who can not pass through the checkpoint [legally] – passes 150 [meters away] on foot, without any delay. Anyone looking for the biggest waste of money in the country – it’s at the checkpoints.”

While most of the discussion focused on the potential health risks of coronavirus carriers entering Israel, one Israeli pointed out that flagrant breaches of the security fence may lead to terror.

A Twitter user named Or wrote that the scene appeared “very similar to the loophole near Sansana where Dr. Avi Har-Lev was murdered two weeks ago.”

Dr. Har-Lev, a prominent fertility doctor, was found shot dead on Jan. 13 in his vehicle in the Lahav Forest in Judea and Samaria. Har-Lev, a reservist, was wearing an IDF uniform at the time of his death.

In a statement two weeks ago, Har-Lev’s family dismissed the theory that he had committed suicide, and called upon the police to “thoroughly examine all directions of the investigation, including the possibility of a terror incident.”

In December, mother-of-six Esther Horgan was murdered in a forest near her town of Tal Manashe while jogging. In that incident, in which her skull was smashed with a rock, the terrorist snuck through a breach in the security fence.

The terrorist, Muhammad Cabh, noted the breach when scouting a suitable place to carry out the attack.