Israel’s 200th victim was nurse, passed two weeks after sister succumbed to disease

Nurse Susie Levy, Israel’s first medical staff fatality, passed away from the coronavirus just two weeks after her sister succumbed to the same disease.

By Lauren Marcus, World Israel News

Susie Levy, a 66-year-old nurse and Israel’s 200th coronavirus fatality, marks the country’s first death of a medical responder from the virus. Tragically, just two weeks ago her 71-year-old sister, whose name was not released, passed away from coronavirus at Poriya Hospital in Tiberias.

Levy worked at Sheba Hospital near Tel Aviv for more than 45 years, beginning her career there in 1974. She started as a nurse in the respiratory unit, then moved up to a position in the surgical division. Finally, in 1995, she was appointed the Head Nurse in charge of the ear, nose, and throat unit.

“The family is in pain and overwhelmed by the untimely passing of Susie, who was the heart of the family,” said the  family.

“Mom insisted on continuing to work even though she should have retired, which is typical of the endless giving and caring she had until her last day. She left a legacy of love, camaraderie, patience, human dignity, professionalism and loyalty. We will make sure that her work lives on.”

The director of Sheba Hospital, Dr. Itzik Kreis, said, “This is a painful moment for all of us, losing one of our team during the war on the coronavirus. Susie raised her family alongside our medical center. She is a symbol of professionalism, dedication to the sense of mission of those working in medicine and of Sheba in particular. Sheba Hospital is lowering its head in mourning.”

Liat Cohen, director of the hospital’s surgical nursing division, said, “Susie was a noble soul. She knew how to give everyone the best of herself. Even if she had a hard time, she didn’t let things bother her and distract her from the goal she was aiming for. Her need to help and be attentive to everyone around her never ceased, even for a moment.”

The Israel Nurses’ Union released a statement saying, “We are bowing our heads out of respect for the nurse Susie Levy, who passed away as a result of her work battling the coronavirus. Her colleagues say she was an excellent nurse with a joyful spirit. She was a pillar of strength to her unit, and always a supportive ear to her fellow nurses as well as doctors. Her loss is felt not just by the doctors and nurses in Sheba Hospital, but by the entire medical system as well.”

Levy is survived by her husband and two children.