Israeli minister: Anti-BDS House resolution has one major flaw

Minister of Jerusalem Affairs Ze’ev Elkin did not endorse last week’s anti-BDS House resolution because its language included support for a two-state solution.

By Batya Jerenberg, World Israel News

Minister of Jerusalem Affairs Ze’ev Elkin avoided congratulating the U.S. House of Representatives last week on its passing of an anti-BDS resolution because it included language supporting the creation of a Palestinian state.

In an interview with Dov Eichler of Kan Israel Radio, Elkin expressed a mixed reaction to House Resolution 246, which passed overwhelmingly, 398-17, with five abstentions.

“You know my personal opinion is that a Palestinian state is not the solution, it’s the problem – even the source of the problem, so I’m not enthusiastic about this resolution,” he said.

He immediately added, however, that the resolution was “important” because “a very big majority in the Democratic party stood up to a radical fringe that has inserted itself into the party and has gotten a lot of attention lately … and are very anti-Israel and openly support BDS.”

The message of the non-binding resolution, he said, is “We’re not with you,” meaning that the impression that the party has been taken over by these radicals was wrong.

Elkin pointed out that the language wasn’t particularly surprising, since “everyone” in the Democratic party and many Republicans support the creation of a Palestinian state, “and it’s also not clear where the president exactly stands” on the issue either.

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Since the U.S. is “a real democracy, where Congress reflects public opinion,” Israel should try influencing Americans in both parties, although it wouldn’t be easy, he added.

“There are circles in the United States that hate us, and they are not small,” he said. “We have to work on it.”