Netanyahu compelled to give up all ministerial portfolios

Netanyahu will still serve as prime minister but he will have to give up the other ministerial portfolios he holds.

By World Israel News Staff

According to Israeli law, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will have to concede all his ministerial positions outside of the premiership following the announcement on Thursday evening that he will be indicted in three corruption cases.

Ministers must resign if they’re charged with a crime, Arutz7 reports.

Netanyahu holds several ministries, including health, welfare, and the Diaspora ministry. He will have to hand over all of them to others.

Ironically, the law doesn’t cover the prime minister’s office so Netanyahu may consider to serve in the country’s highest office.

It is a historical first for the State of Israel. A sitting prime minister has never been indicted.

Attorney General Avichai Mandelblit made the dramatic announcement, announcing his decision to charge Netanyahu with the most serious crime, bribery, in one case, and fraud and breach of trust in two others. In the first case, he is also charged with fraud and breach of trust.

Netanyahu maintains his innocence in all three of the corruption cases. He has declared them a political witch hunt and promises to fight them.